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We decided to turn the live show into a full bondage tutorial event.  We have 19 year Haley Cummings and her massive natural "FF" breasts to help us demonstrate and show you how to perform some basic and advanced rope techniques.  Step by step video instruction that is sure to improve your skills and make your partner happy that you "took the class".
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Divine Bitch: Mistress Bobbi Starr 
Slave: Jason Miller
Jason Miller desperately wants to serve Maitresse Madeline and he will get his chance but not until Mistress Bobbi Starr has one last day with him, and good thing because he really needed it. Mistress Bobbi Starr teaches Jason what true submission to a women is all about. He goes through a transformation and you can tell in the closing interview. This shoot was extremely difficult for Jason. Strict bondage, CBT, objectification, humiliation, strap-on ass fucking, caning, flogging, ass worship then stuffed back into chastity! Does this get him in line for the next day when his dreams finally come true and he is allowed to serve Madeline? Tune in to Jason's final day of training and find out!
Maitresse's Evaluation

extended periods in strict bondage

display true devotion

pain processing
truly embrace the pain

Closing assessment

made suggestions for flexibilty
slave needs to be present
slave must evaluate what he expects to get out of this experience
trust issues

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Team Ice took a 20pt lead into the locker room, and within seconds it was gone.  Bella got a hold of the rookie replacement Iona Grace and made her pay with a brutal leg scissors.  Back and forth the score went as both teams made great use of their tags and outstanding holds.
Bella's absolute domination of the big titted Iona was the difference. The Ninja's erased Team Ice's 20pt lead and bullied out their own lead going into the last round.  99pts now separate these two and Team Ice is in danger of their season ending, right here, right now!
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Season Eight Match

The Iron Maiden 
HT: 5'5
WT: 135lbs
Season record (1-0) 
Lifetime record (9-1)

The Destroyer 
HT: 5'10
WT: 155lbs
Season record (0-2) 
Lifetime record (0-2)

 Last season's Champion is looking stronger, faster and better then ever.  Dia stands ready to be the only two time champion ever.  However, today will not be just an easy match with another rookie.  Saffron is not to be taken lightly at all.  
Saffon now has two matches under her belt and she is the biggest, strongest wrestler we have ever seen on Ultimate Surrender.  She is learning at an accelerated pace and will soon be truly frightening on the mat. 
However today is not that day.  Saffron does manage to score and even force Dia to submit once.  However the massive experience of Dia is still to much for the rookie, and Dia not only beats her on the mat, but then goes on to fist and fuck Saffron into the mat like a common slut, instead of the proud gladiator she wants to be..

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